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Beijing time on July 5, NBA summer league matches was a student in Orlando and Salt Lake City to open up respectively 2016. Couplet already entered Aolanduoxia another day, share 3 matches today; And still his summertime league matches receives first race day, have 2 balls to all, particularly Lang Ben of Number One Scholar - Ximengsi's occur staging, fetching much more attention. It is match overview below: Triumphant Er is special 76 people of person 102-94 conquer search engine optimization ball, it's new division Number One Scholar this - Ximengsi appears for the first time of 76 people, this battle, he contributed 13 minutes of 8 backboard the data of 5 secondary attack, but move 9 times, hit the mark merely however 2 balls. And the game is final always, ximengsi 's still in about the ankle when basket be born is injured, fortunately, his injury affection just isn't had hinder greatly. Kaierte person here, explore Hua Xiujie human relations - Braun and Ximengsi give tit for tat, he contributes full-court 16 minutes 6 backboard. Additional, besides above besides 2 people, two team continue to have 4 visitors to notch respectively on double, green unlined upper garment army here, luo Qi Er gets 5 secondary attack of 6 backboard 18 minutes, RJ- go smoothly is special enter a specific thing in an account 17 minutes of 5 backboard; 76 people here, wood twenty minutes of 5 backboard, blessing Er rub this 13 minutes. Make a game, two groups contention is quite intense still, kaierte even though person is banner constantly, however the advantage just isn't clear however. Till minor details hind paragraph, ximengsi is at on when basket, encounter Braun close over, subsequently be born in the event the ankle is injured. And after end of Number One Scholar, into your market of victory or defeat swung to Kaierte thoroughly person one party. Final, triumphant Er is special 76 people of person 102-94 conquer, greet summerly couplet create a good beginning. Spur 90-69 has got the better of Shengandongniao still his knight this battle, spur sharp edge triumphant Er - Anderson play grabs lens, he cuts next the whole audience 25 minutes highest, return enter a product or service in an account 7 backboard 3 secondary attack 4 grab, additional, jonathan - Ximengside arrives 18 minutes, fubusigong offers 16 minutes of 8 bank. Knight team here, 2 grader are special thunder - Laierside arrives 13 minutes 12 backboard. Match first half, the knight still might be mixed constrainedly spur manage. Second section returns remnant 4 minutes, two teams for some time battle is become 37 smooth. But following this, spur guides next beginning that send force of what install De Sen, preceded by two of a game or contest 9 minutes. Yi Bian again battle, spur continues pursuit is stricken, secure early decided have the better of bureau. Ao Lan is quite a bit magiccer (white group) 92-85 has got the better of Dalasi calf this battle, magic (white group) Nike Free Run Homme 6 people notch on double, teleiwen - case pulls Chinese Mu to acquire 4 bank 14 minutes, a Linci - Ounuaku 13 minutes of 9 backboard, sports season is in within the Gu Siting of effectiveness of CBA Sichuan team Air Classic BW - Deng Temeng enter a product in an account 5 secondary attack of ten minutes of 5 backboard. Calf here, fan De - Bulude arrives full-court is highest, ma Kui this - case on the base of an fruit and Taylor - Huonikate has 13 minutes of enter a product in an account each, additional, calf whole group appears 19 times in most error. Sheng Aolan of Detroit piston 73-68 is quite a bit magiccer (blue line)   this battle, the efficiency of two teams is quite low, the piston hits the mark rate is mere for 29.5% , and magic (blue line) have 31.9% only. Magic (blue line) here, the rocket now has wrinkles Nick - play of abdicate agreement writing is outstanding, get 5 bank 19 minutes 4 secondary attack, additional, vinson is special - enter a specific thing in an account with the Er in wave ten mins of 11 backboard. Piston here, lorenzo - Bulangde arrives 19 minutes 6 grab, new this season beautiful Henry - Allan dark gets 7 bank 10-20 minutes. 78-74 of wasp of Xia Luo spy provides the better of wasp of Ma Leiting of Russian carat go on one's shoulder here, a Long chaussures de running homme pas cher - Harrisson gets entire line 19 minutes highest, bulandeng - Paul 17 minutes of 11 backboard, in always be being cast 4 take note of 3 minutes, michael - hold in the palm than 14 minutes of 6 backboard. Thunderbolt here, the Cameron that two war play grabs lens before - Payne wouldn't give fight, take sb's place his Saimaer - Kelisidu contains the whole audience 23 minutes highest, still need 6 bank 6 secondary attack 4 grab. Dakali - Johnson sends 6 bank, have 6 fault however, si Kedi - Weierbeijin gets 6 bank 12 minutes 3 grab. (Wave the name of your river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces)
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